New season, new business
With the blossom of spring, longer days and a glimpse of warmer weather comes the blank slate of a new financial year.

With the blossom of spring, longer days and a glimpse of warmer weather comes the blank slate of a new financial year.

This is the time where businesses flesh out fresh ideas for the coming months, exploring additional opportunities for revenue streams and reflecting on what company-wide change they want to see by the following April.

Demonstrating commitment to net zero and making business operations more sustainable are increasingly high on every board’s agenda.

But what if you could achieve all this, while generating an additional revenue stream of passive income on a monthly basis?

Partnering with the Green Energy Advice Bureau (GEAB) makes that proposition a reality.

Our editor spoke to Louisa Brimacombe-Wiard, partnerships manager at GEAB, to learn more about its partnerships programme.

Can you give us an overview of what a partnership looks like with The Green Energy Advice Bureau?

GEAB offers energy procurement and sustainability solutions to businesses. While many of our customers work with us directly, a great deal of clients actually come through a business referral or recommendation. The recommending party is a commercial partner of GEAB.

Partners recommend our service either via their website, via email communications, newsletters, over the phone or even face to face. We can provide marketing collateral, product  information and tailored packages for their customer base.

There is no blueprint for a partnership with GEAB and that’s because each business has different requirements and customer journeys. We make sure that a partnership is about working together to find the smoothest, most natural way to make customer referrals.

Can any business partner with GEAB?

As long as your company works with other businesses, GEAB is interested in exploring a partnership. The great news for the energy and sustainability proposition is that every business can benefit from cutting costs and consumption, while becoming more sustainable.  That means that it’s highly likely that your customers would be interested in having a conversation with one of our consultants.

We have a wide panel of partners and services. In fact, one of our key sustainability products is offered through a partner – Pulse. Pulse provides a market-leading Energy Monitoring System (EMS), which gives businesses unparalleled insight into their energy consumption at circuit level.

Through a mutual referral system, both GEAB and Pulse benefit by boosting our product offering and revenue streams. What’s more, our customers are happy to have so many of their needs taken care of through one contact point.

Another partner, Flotilla, has launched with GEAB as a key supplier for its clients. Flotilla’s goal is to map out a ‘journey to net zero’ for each customer, providing a tailored action plan to help customers reduce their emissions and gain insight into their energy consumption. It is recommending our consultancy services under its sustainability offering.

We have CapEx free solutions for all our sustainability products and extend this unique offer to any clients recommended by partners – that means you can offer this service to your customers too.

Another example of a partner whose goal is to help customers ‘go greener’ is Optimise Your Energy, which is working with GEAB to boost its product offering.

Optimise Your Energy specialise in voltage optimisation (VO), which complements our energy consultation and sustainability products. We have found such strong synergy between our services that GEAB also refers customers to them for a VO consultation.

What about partners who aren’t working in energy or sustainability?

GEAB’s commercial relationships go far beyond the sustainability sector. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes whose customers could benefit from expert advice on energy procurement and efficiency (and really, who couldn’t benefit from a free consultation?)

Some partners are industry-specific membership associations, some are financial advisors helping businesses cut costs, some are real estate companies, sports clubs and so on. The possibilities are endless.

We tailor our proposition to each partner and their membership or client base. Every business needs energy and the majority are looking to reduce emissions and source greener energy products.

Therefore, if you work with businesses, there is no reason why you can’t recommend customers to GEAB and generate both customer satisfaction and an extra revenue stream to your company.

How do the commercials work?

In return for any recommendations, GEAB will pay a referral fee to the partner. The commercial arrangements vary based on the client base and promotional activity carried out, so this is something that will be agreed on by both parties at the point of signature.

The important thing to understand is that when GEAB makes any money from one of your recommendations – so do you.

How do we know we can trust GEAB with our customers?

GEAB has just been awarded the Service Excellence Award by the North East Federation of Small Businesses. We are a customer-focused consultancy service, which is why we have such a high renewal rate. We consistently reach above 90% month on month and you can check out our reviews on Trustpilot (

What’s more, we can work with businesses of any shape or size – our expertise spans the market and we are determined to find the right deal for each customer.

If you think your clients or members could benefit from GEAB’s services, contact Louisa Brimacombe-Wiard to discuss a partnership opportunity at [email protected]

If you are a business who’s interested in a free energy and sustainability consultation, please call 0191 821 0049 or visit

Posted 17th April 2024

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