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The Portfolio North Style Guide

News articles must be written in a traditional news style, including a bold and eye catching headline. Our readers trust our words, therefore they should always be written carefully and fact checked. Any articles which include quotes from a third party should be approved. 

All press releases submitted to Portfolio North must have a strong news angle and be of interest to our specified readership. 

We need to speak the language of our readers and we assume that they are intelligent, business minded and knowledgeable of important topics such as local politics, large regeneration schemes and investment in our region.

We assume that our lifestyle readers are generally between the ages of 25 and 45 and are aspirational individuals and professionals who are interested in comfort and luxury.

Therefore, we must bear in mind that while being entertaining and educational, we must also share our insights in a sophisticated way.

As a rule, in most of our articles we do not have to use plain English and can draft complex thought leadership articles.

The article must be well structured and have a clear introductory paragraph. Articles must be well researched and proof-read with no grammatical or spelling mistakes. All articles must be submitted with at least one high-quality image which is relevant to the story.

We welcome a range of business and lifestyle content including, but not limited to, breaking news and traditional press style stories, thought leadership articles, industry commentary, business interviews, listicles, advice articles, trend pieces and more. We are a truly regional publication, therefore, all content must have a link to the North East or Yorkshire. 

We operate in the public interest – reporting stories of significance to our audiences and holding power to account. In our independent articles we use all research options to our disposal and seek to share well studied news and observations from experts within their field.

In order to maintain an integrity and high standard of news both online and in print, we review all articles which are submitted to us. If an article doesn’t meet our standards, or is created as marketing or sales copy, it will not be published and we are not at liberty to notify any parties who have submitted the article.

Editorial Guidelines: Content Standards

Our content standards are applicable to all contributions on our site, spanning various media and interactive services. Adherence to both the intentions and letter of these standards is essential for every contribution.

Contributions must:

Contributions must not:

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