Leeds Named as the Best Place to Live in the North
Sunday Times' annual Best Places to Live guide has ranked Leeds number one among its eight best places to live in the north and the North East.

Sunday Times’ annual Best Places to Live guide has ranked Leeds number one among its eight best places to live in the north and the North East.

Judges praised the city as a “true northern powerhouse”, in which people can expect to receive a good education and salary, as well as enjoy a lively and vibrant social life, filled with culture and community spirit.

It said: “Leeds has the best-paying jobs outside London. Five universities provide youthful energy and it’s the only UK city outside London to have its own opera, ballet and theatre companies.”

Here, the team at Bradley Hall Yorkshire reveal their top reasons why more people should consider making Leeds their home.

Culture hotspot

Leeds boasts a rich cultural scene with numerous theatres, art galleries, music venues and festivals, offering residents of all ages a diverse range of options when it comes to filling up their diaries outside of work.

Affordable living

Compared to some other major cities in the UK, Leeds offers relatively affordable housing options, as well as plenty of new housing, making it an attractive choice for individuals and families looking to live in an urban environment without breaking the bank.

Green space

Leeds may be a bustling city, but it’s also surrounded by beautiful green space – including rolling countryside and parks – which provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities and reconnect with nature. Its unique position means it can offer residents the best of both worlds, helping to better wellbeing and boost work-life balance.

Well connected

Thanks to its central location in the UK, Leeds benefits from excellent transport links, including a well-connected train and bus network, as well as easy access to major motorways, making it convenient for both commuting and exploring the surrounding areas.

Thriving economy

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the UK, Leeds offers a thriving economy with a diverse range of job opportunities across various sectors, including finance, digital technology, healthcare and retail, providing residents with ample career prospects and economic stability.

Posted 26th March 2024

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