Based in California but dominating the global market, Tesla is an electric automobile company that has quickly gained attention and interest on the world stage. Ranked as the world’s best-selling...

Based in California but dominating the global market, Tesla is an electric automobile company that has quickly gained attention and interest on the world stage.

Ranked as the world’s best-selling plug-in and battery electric passenger manufacturer, Tesla now holds the market share of 16% of the plug-in segment, and 23% of the battery-electric segment of 2020 sales. Founded in 2003 by a group of engineers that wanted to prove that electric vehicles can be faster, safer and offer a more enjoyable customer experience overall; Tesla released Model 3 in 2017, which is the world’s all-time best-selling plug-in electric car. With more than 800,000 delivered through December 2020, even a global pandemic cannot stop this expanding company from making its mark.

Tesla’s Model 3 encompasses the future of stylish, safe, and swift driving. Equipped with an all-wheel-drive dual motor, 0-60 mph acceleration in 3.1 seconds, and 360 mi range in the worldwide harmonised light-duty vehicles test procedure (WLTP), this car is not to be missed. The WLTP figure enables the customer to measure fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, ensuring a more sustainable vehicle overall. Tesla’s Model 3 excels in all areas with safety, acceleration, all-wheel drive, range, and the materials that exhibit a favourable step towards the future of driving with its autopilot technology.

Performance 28 has recently undertaken a Tesla transformation on a white, 2021 Model 3, to unlock as much of Model 3’s lavish design as possible. Performance 28 fitted the car with 20- inch Vossen Wheels, which are handmade and hand finished, a tinted glass roof and rear windows, H&R lowering springs with 25mm drop all around and a Maxton gloss black body kit. The vehicle was finished with a two-stage machine polish and treatment with kamikaze ceramic coatings, as well as red Tesla rear deck lettering – creating a stunning luxury vehicle with an environmentally friendly edge.

The luxury automotive firm also fitted a black Factory Model 3 Performance Tesla with Vorsteiner full carbon aero track kit, interior carbon fibre trim, Eibach lowering springs and eibach sway bars, Vossen 21″ HF5 gloss black and hybrid forged wheels.

Performance 28 is the only firm in the North East which offers such high standard modifications, including bodykits, wheels, springs, handling upgrades, interior modifications, and aesthetic upgrades on the car, with parts from Vossen, Vorsteiner, Novitec, Eibach, Maxton design, Unplugged performance and H&R.

Safety is at the forefront of everything Tesla design. Model 3 revolves around an aluminium and steel structure, which is used to ensure maximum strength in every area and to make sure the customer is comfortable and protected. With the ability to support the weight of two full grown African elephants, the Tesla Model 3 passes the roof-crush test with flying colours. This vehicle has achieved a Euro New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) five-star safety rating in every category. Making the Model 3 one of the securest, fully electric automobiles available with leading ratings in the NCAP.

As well as being incredibly protected in this vehicle, the proud owner can also expect the quickest acceleration. Prepared with 20-inch Überturbine wheels and performance brakes, this Tesla model also has lowered suspension to enhance the overall handling and performance of the vehicle. A carbon fibre spoiler, to improve stability and aerodynamics when the car is travelling at speeds of up to 162 mph, is also part of the Tesla Model 3’s educated and thought-through design.

Model 3 has two independent motors for improved redundancy, each with only one moving part to minimise maintenance and maximise durability. Contrasting to traditional all-wheel-drive systems, the Model 3 has digital control rotation to the front and rear wheels, ensuring better handling and traction control of the vehicle as a whole, encouraging a more controlled driving experience for all weather conditions.

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy and Model 3, like Tesla’s other models, is taking positive steps to do exactly that. Model 3 is fully electric, so you will never need to visit a petrol station again. The vehicle is easy to plug in along the way and can do up to 360 mile range without the need to charge. Charging is quick and easy, and with over 20,000 Superchargers placed along well-travelled routes around the world, Model 3 can take you anywhere you want to go with ease.

As well as being safe, speedy, and sustainable, Model 3 also has an autopilot feature, which Tesla believe is the future of driving. The vehicle has ultrasonic sensors, 160m of forward-facing radar, and 360 degrees of visibility. The autopilot features ensure your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically within its lane. These elements enable the car to navigate while on autopilot, to be summoned, to auto park, and to automatically change lanes.

Tesla’s Model 3 offers the whole package when it comes to owning a luxurious vehicle that is also climate conscious.

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Posted 26th July 2021

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