Are you looking for the ultimate island getaway? A holiday filled with days of adventure, cruising beautiful coastlines and nights spent in luxurious beach clubs?

Are you looking for the ultimate island getaway? A holiday filled with days of adventure, cruising beautiful coastlines and nights spent in luxurious beach clubs?

Offering a private chef, dedicated captain and crew and access to private anchorages, it’s easy to see why yacht charter is such a popular choice for the ultimate summer holiday. Your captain and crew will know exactly where to go to find isolated bays and beaches that boast clear blue waters.

Your yacht will also have a range of water sports equipment for the days spent on board, which allows you to enjoy adventure as well as luxury on your island holiday. These will include jet skis, paddleboards, kayaks and snorkels, along with a tender boat to take you and your guests ashore when you would like to visit one of the island’s beaches or spend a day shopping in the sun.

West Nautical, yacht charter specialists, will help you design the ultimate yacht holiday itinerary in Mykonos that meets your each and every desire.


Mykonos is a beautiful island located in the Aegean Sea, famous for its parties and extravagant lifestyle.

Not only is this gorgeous Greek island home to epic beach clubs and restaurants but its natural beauty, picturesque beaches, and quaint Cycladic architecture make it the perfect place to have a holiday filled with luxury, relaxation and parties.


The crystal-clear water makes these anchorages the perfect spot for an afternoon of swimming or trying your hand at water skiing behind the yacht’s tender. One of the most popular anchorages on the South coast is Ornos Bay, only 3km from Mykonos Town making it the perfect place for an overnight stay. Elia Bay is a large bay perfect for water sports and a day of sunbathing on board with your favourite cocktail in hand, there is also a taverna ashore that serves the most delicious seafood.


Mykonos is truly a beach paradise island, the most famous beaches are Super Paradise, Paradise Beach, Platis Gialos and Lia. These beaches are not only famous for their beauty but also their perfect location for wind or kite surfing. For more of a hidden beach, perfect to reach with the yachts tender, visit Lia, where a true off the beaten track beach day awaits.

Restaurants and bars

This Greek paradise is home to many traditional Greek restaurants but is better known for its Mediterranean cuisine, fresh seafood and mezze dining culture. Ranging from rustic tavernas on the cobbled streets to fine dining restaurants, this island has something for everyone. We recommend Interni for its Mediterranean Asian fusion, Hippie Fish for the amazing views, and Queen of Mykonos for those who want to end a day of shopping with a bottle of Dom Perignon.

Beach clubs

With Mykonos being one of the Med’s top party destinations, it is naturally home to some of the world’s best beach clubs. Why not arrive at the beach club straight from your yacht anchored right outside!

Paradise Beach Club is no doubt the most famous of them all. Founded in 1969 and crowned 14th best open-air club in the world, it has become known as the ultimate party destination in Greece.

By day, you will be able to enjoy VIP treatment on one of the many sunbeds or lounging areas. Enjoy a swim between cocktails while you listen to the DJ’s set.

Super Paradise Beach Club attracts celebrities and models, enjoying DJ sets and a more mellow atmosphere during the day. The party gets going in the afternoons although spontaneous parties have been known to erupt at all times of day.

Jackie O Beach Club is upmarket and offers a pool, jacuzzi and a full-service beach. Their Mediterranean restaurant and all-day bar, serves exceptional seafood.

SantAnna is the island’s most luxurious beach club in Mykonos boasting a full entertainment complex including a private beach, a traditional Greek taverna, a sushi bar, four cocktail bars, a free form pool and a full-service spa and salon – all in all, the ultimate luxurious day ashore. You will find seven private islands within the pool, each with their own bars and butler service.

Night life

Last but not least; the Mykonos night life! This island is home to over 100 bars and clubs, making it THE place to party in the Mediterranean. Ranging from sophisticated cocktail bars, night clubs and beach clubs, you will be sure to find a venue to suit your vibe.

Many top DJ’s have graced the clubs and beaches of Mykonos with one of their incredible sets, creating an unforgettable night of dancing and enjoying cocktails at the beach. Many clubs will stay open well past dawn making this a destination where the party never stops!

So why not visit this epic destination in the height of luxury, by pulling in on your very own private yacht!

Get in touch with West Nautical today to help plan your Mykonos adventure –

Posted 16th August 2021

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