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Five Feel-Good Benefits of Daylight Savings
Time to make like the clocks and spring forward towards brighter days - and better wellbeing.

Time to make like the clocks and spring forward towards brighter days – and better wellbeing.

It’s official. From March 31st, life will begin looking a little lighter again. And for many people, feeling a little lighter too.

It’s true – Daylight Savings doesn’t just mean bidding farewell to cold, dark mornings. Signalling the arrival of spring and summer, extra daylight means more opportunities to do the things we love outside of our 9-5, helping to boost mental and physical wellbeing.

Increased exposure to natural light also means we’re given more chances to soak up the sun’s rays – vital for vitamin D production and serotonin (the happy hormone) activation in the body – and become healthier, stronger (and possibly more sunkissed) versions of ourselves.

Here, we round up a few feel-good ways to take advantage of the longer days and let the light in the best ways possible.

Say hello to dawn

It’s said that exposure to natural light early in the morning can help regulate our circadian rhythm, increasing energy levels and improving overall mood and alertness throughout the day – and what better way than watching the sunrise. In UK springtime, dawn typically happens between 5am-6am, while in high summer it’s as early as 4am – giving you plenty of time to take in the views before the working day begins. Our favourite sunrise spots in region include Tynemouth Longsands, Penshaw Monument and Roseberry Topping.

Catch some rays

While balmy temperatures and blazing sunshine aren’t always guaranteed around these parts, one thing’s for sure – your chances of catching some rays begin to ramp up significantly as the days draw longer. Studies show that 10-15 minutes of sun exposure per day during the UK’s warmer months promises healthy and sufficient vitamin D absorption, helping to improve immune, bone and tissue health. Grab your precious minutes on a quick lunchtime dog walk, in the garden with your morning coffee, or on your local beach.

Take it outside

If you’ve been toying with the idea of taking up a new hobby or embarking on a new fitness regime, why not take advantage of the longer days and take it outside? Outdoor activities – from running clubs, park runs and walking groups to swimming clubs and beach yoga – are firmly on the rise all over the region and warmer days (and waters – even in our beloved North East) means there’s no better time than now to get involved. Favourites of ours include the coast’s Feel Good Swim Club, the Tyne Bridge Harriers running club in Newcastle and Wellness Space, which offers beach yoga, SUP and surf sessions in Sunderland.

Eat and drink alfresco

Gone are the days and nights of curling up on the sofa, blankets in tow, with bowls of soup and mugs of hot chocolate. Extended daylight means more time for alfresco dining and socialising with family and friends. Whether it’s a BBQ at home, a picnic in the park, or a spot of lunch and a few tipples in your local beer garden, sharing food and drink outdoors with friends and family is the only way to go as the days grow longer and brighter.

Plant for tomorrow

Increased daylight, coupled with a rise in day-to-day temperature, creates perfect conditions for gardens to bloom and thrive, meaning there’s no better time than now to kick-start this year’s green-fingered journey – whether you’re a seasoned pruner or a complete novice.                     Warmer weather (with a few spring showers thrown in for good measure) means better soil and increased pollination, making for healthier germination and faster, lusher plant growth – so why not grab the spades and gloves and create the garden of your dreams while the time is ripe.

Posted 18th March 2024

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