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Everyone wants the perfect smile… Having a beautiful smile is often linked to greater confidence and personal happiness and is one of the first things we notice when meeting a...

Everyone wants the perfect smile… Having a beautiful smile is often linked to greater confidence and personal happiness and is one of the first things we notice when meeting a new person.

Helping his patients to achieve their perfect smile is something that Dr Stephen Ward is very passionate about. Dr Stephen Ward has completed dozens of aesthetic treatments such as composite bonding and adult tooth straightening on clients over the years and says he will never grow tired of seeing patients reactions at the end of treatment. “There are not a lot of huge pluses to looking in peoples mouths all day, but seeing a patients finished smile at the end of aesthetic treatment, and how much it means to them, could brighten anyone’s day.”

Stephen has been a resident dentist at the MyDentist Front Street practice since 2012 after graduating from Newcastle University with Merit in both clinical and academic dentistry. He is a certified Invisalign and Clearcorrect practitioner, as well as providing a full range of NHS and private dental treatments. We sat down with Dr Stephen Ward to find out more about composite bonding and why it is becoming such a popular treatment. “Composite bonding is becoming extremely popular as it is a fast and effective way to create a smile makeover without the use of drills or any permanent alteration to the tooth structure. The procedure itself is pain free and can be completed in one visit. This non-invasive procedure is a fast and effective way to address minor cosmetic issues such as gaps, chips or fractures and even slight rotations in order to create an even and symmetrical smile.”

Composite bonding is a very popular and effective option for reshaping teeth and camouflaging minor misalignments as well as closing small gaps between teeth. A composite resin is added to the tooth and shaped to restore or create a natural appearance. This does not cover the entirety of the tooth and instead is matched to the colour of the client’s teeth. This creates a very effective yet subtle finish. Unlike other treatments such as porcelain veneers and crowns, composite veneer placement requires no drilling, or painful procedures involving the removal of any parts of the natural tooth. Resulting in no damage, downtime or pain throughout the procedure and recovery. No numbing or anaesthesia is required which means that patients are able to come and go from the appointment with no adverse or uncomfortable side effects. We are finding that now many patients are choosing composite bonding as it is a less destructive treatment that is reversible.

Preparation for traditional veneers or crowns takes away a significant portion of the natural tooth resulting in a permanent change. With composite bonding involving no tooth preparation or drilling it can be simply removed or altered to suit the clients requirements If circumstances change or if the client would like a different look to their smile. Once the composite is applied and moulded to the perfect shape, it is hardened using a curing light. We then spend time further shaping and polishing the composite in order to create the perfect look and feel, creating not only a beautiful appearance but a functional and comfortable bite.

Many also ask if composite bonding can be used to improve the aesthetic of the bottom teeth. There are some factors that need to be considered in cases which involve the bottom teeth, like the patient’s bite and how the top and bottom teeth meet. If the patient suffers from teeth grinding, dental bonding is not a good option because the composite resin is not strong enough to resist to the forces and may fracture. Composite bonding uses modern materials and simple techniques which can also prove to be a much more cost effective option than crowns or veneers. With good oral hygiene the treatment should last for years and require minimal maintenance. The best way to determine which solution is right for you is to talk to your dentist about your aesthetic goals. Give some thought on what it is you would like to improve or change and what would make you feel more confident and your dentist will provide their expert input in how to achieve your desired goals.

For patients who have healthy natural teeth and desire a quick solution to improve the appearance or their smile, composite bonding is a fast, painless and affordable option. It is the least invasive way of aesthetically restoring your smile.

If you would like to discuss composite bonding or any other aesthetic smile treatments such as adult orthodontics, please call us on 01207 503020 or email [email protected] or for some examples of work I have carried out head to my Instagram page @drstephenward

Posted 26th April 2022

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