What challenges does the Social Co. Academy solve for its clients?

The Social Co Academy offers many opportunities for businesses. It can upskill current staff in marketing roles, allow business owners to be self sufficient on social media and encourage businesses to see a monetary return on investment. 

What is your proudest business achievement?

Seeing The Social Co Academy through as a project from start to finish was amazing for me. It started as a really small concept and I worked on it almost completely independently conducting all of my own research and utilising our team to teach myself all of the ins and outs needed to ensure that I am fully informed to give my clients everything they could possibly need in order to be successful. 

How has the industry changed throughout your career?

I started out in the radio industry and moved from there into outdoor advertising so had a lot of background in traditional marketing methods. This tended to be the go-to for most marketing managers and budgets were mainly allocated through these mediums. After moving into social media it was rewarding to offer my clients a solution that was actually measurable and people could see a strong, direct return on investment. During the pandemic and post pandemic the market has moved even quicker as traditional methods took a huge dive because people were spending all of their time in the house with their mobile phones, when budgets were cut radio and outdoor advertising were first to go given the high price points and due to lower views throughout restrictions. This meant that more businesses were forced to incorporate social into their marketing strategy in order to be seen.

What were your career ambitions in early life?

From a really young age I witnessed my Mum in a really successful career in business and the way she conducted herself stayed with me throughout my childhood and into making choices of which path I wanted to take in my own career. I always knew I wanted to be involved in a business and  marketing role  and I thrive on being overwhelmingly busy and making a difference in the business environment I am in. My main ambition was to work in an international environment therefore I left uni and went into a graduate role with Enterprise Rent A Car given their international presence. I soon realised this wasn’t the path I wanted to go down and I was more of a natural sales person and followed my mum’s exact path into a sales role in advertising both in Radio and Outdoor. Now that I have moved into social and even further into the training side of the business we would love to operate this on an international level.

What regularly motivates you?

The main thing I love about my career is seeing the difference the training provides to a business and seeing how it can transform their marketing strategies. Social media can be a minefield for businesses and I love solving their problems and taking the weight off their shoulders.  Seeing fantastic results will never get old. 

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Posted 28th February 2022

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